Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?

A virtual office is an office solution where you can give a fixed address for your business, where your cargos are received, and where you can conduct meetings, use the lounge areas, but where your fixed work space (desk, seat, etc.) is not. With our virtual office solutions, we answer your company’s phones with the name of your company, we take delivery of your cargo and receive your legal notices in your name and inform you via email and telephone. Atomyum Space can provide you with office and meeting rooms when you need them. We offer an unlimited usage in our lounge areas with coffee and tea, treats throughout the day. Without paying a deposit, you can pay with your credit card with 9 installments and bring your virtual office to your feet. You can also set up your company in the most prestigious locations of Istanbul and Ankara while you sit back and enjoy our services.

  • Mail handling
  • Secure physical Mail Storage
  • Month-to-Month membership
  • No Security Deposit